Cliff spittle Photography is a new venture by myself. Having attended a few events and enjoyed the style of photography I have decided to take on this project on top of my normal working days. I aim to capture Cars in a way other's wouldn't normally see and add a bit of flair to what I do. I intend on making all My photos available to purchase through my website at reasonable and fair prices, as well as offering my services to cover your events should you want to capture memories or gain some promotional material. Meet me below.
I'm a logistics manager from Yelland in North Devon and also a Professional photographer for Service certainty in the insurance trade. I have a good 15 years experience in photography. Whilst My favourite subject is landscape photography, I have tried my hand at about every style you could imagine.

I use Adobe Photoshop CC, and currently use a Nikon D810 and a Nikon D5500 along with a strong selection of lenses.

You can view more of my photos in my  gallery or through my  Facebook Page .